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Why the float glass consortium?

Basic float glass manufacturing is now a mature technology and there are a number of organisations who can offer the basic technology and various components of a line- up to and including construction through a series of sub-contract relationships.

The unique offering of the Consortium is that we are the only fully independent organisation with the depth and breadth of design, construction and operating expertise, experience and resources who can offer a full turnkey package for high capability lines incorporating the latest technology and operating procedures drawn from the best that is available worldwide, based on objective assessment and independent experience.

FGC can offer a comprehensive technology, engineering and operational package that is not currently available elsewhere.

  • Consultation and vendor selection for complete and partial float lines with capability of the highest quality and operational performance at relatively low capital cost
  • Mini float lines for special glass production (PDP, LCD, special tints)
  • Energy saving melting using proven oxy fuel technology
  • General float glass consultancy
  • Rolled (figured) and wired glass
  • Rebuild and new build project management and consultancy
  • Manufacturing improvements
  • Yield and quality improvements
  • Draw rate improvements
  • Special glass production – low iron, tints, PDP Glass
  • On line coatings
  • Planned maintenance procedures
  • Manufacturing procedures
  • Melting, forming, annealing and cutting training
  • Engineering training
  • General project management
  • Furnace construction consultancy and supervision
  • Bath construction consultancy and supervision
  • Warm-up supervision
  • Start-up supervision
  • Furnace, bath, lehr and cold-end commissioning
  • Glassmaking equipment design and build
  • Training Courses, documentation
  • Process Manuals

FGC also offers full commercial and business consulting including market research and analysis, commercial strategy, business and market planning, training, product development and lifecycle planning and organisational management.