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Directors and Senior Associates




Directors and Senior Associates


David Hilton


  • 35 years with Pilkington
  • UK Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • Masters Degree in Business Administration
  • Held many senior positions in float manufacturing, design and project management worldwide including Manufacturing Director UK Float Operation, Vice President of Manufacturing Pilkington North America
  • Specialist fields - All aspects of float manufacturing, design, engineering, commissioning and operation from raw materials to dispatch


David Woodward

Commercial Director

  • 36 years with Pilkington
  • Graduate in Business Management
  • Member of the Chartered Management Institute and Institute of Management Consultancy
  • Held director level positions for Pilkington worldwide. Responsible for business and commercial strategy including new UK and international float projects and joint ventures. 
  • Specialist fields - Business and commercial strategy









Gary Owen

Senior Associate – Float Glass Manufacturing

  • 25 years with Pilkington
  • Operational experience of float manufacturing lines worldwide
  • Direct manufacturing experience of product range from 1mm to 25mm, automotive and architectural tinted products and on-line pyrolitic coatings.
  • Worked on many new float start-ups and re-builds including responsibility as start-up team leader
  • Specialist fields - Hot End Float Glass Operation and Manufacture


Frank Briscoe

Senior Associate - Float Glass Manufacturing

  • 40 years with Pilkington
  • Experienced in providing operational and technical support for float manufacturing lines worldwide
  • Senior R&D Technologist and provider of process support and improvements planning
  • Involvement in start-ups in America, Europe and Asia
  • Specialist fields- Forming and Annealing and the problems associated with thick and heavy glass manufacture





Brian Quirk

Senior Associate – Float Glass and Patterned Glass Manufacturing and Design

  • 31 Years with Pilkington
  • B. Eng, Chartered Mechanical Engineer
  • Plant Operations Manager responsible for all manufacturing and engineering activities associated with the production of textured, wired and low iron glass.
  • Experienced in MIP management from raw materials to cold end operation
  • Specialist fields - Rolled and Float Glass manufacture, Rolled line design and Plant Management